I’m done!

I don’t know if I have formally informed you guys becasue it looks like my last post wasn’t put up, so here I go….

I’ve written a book! Yes, I know I’m seventeen years old and alot of people aren’t going to take me or my writting seriously. I realize that but it’s not going to stop me from perssuing what I love to do. The greatest advice my dad ever gave me was, “Not everyone is going to to like you, most for no reason at all, but there are always going to be more people that love everything about you! Now stop crying and go drink some hot sause; it’ll put some hair on your chest!” Aside from the hot sauce bit, I took his advice and I’m still running with it till this day. I don’t give a shit what other people have to say; I’m going to do me regardless.

It’s taken me nine months or so, give or take the the three months that I completely stoped writing because I was tired of my own words, and I’ll be damned if I go down without a swinging fight. This is huge to me and I’m so happy to finally be done writing. I just sent my manuscript to my editor last night (a.k.a my friends’ mom who edits for a living) and we will be working together to make this book mind blowing. She said it shouldn’t take too long so in a little bit I will be getting all the paper work done and sending my manuscript to the publishers I’ve been talking to for the last month.

I’m super excited and nervous. I hope people genuinely like it. I’m not expecting it to blow up like the Harry Potters, be made into big budget movies like the Twilight series, or have totally obsessed fans because of it like the Hunger games. That is a one in a million shot. I’m not saying that I dont think what I’ve got is special, because it is, its just that I dont want to get my hopes up too high.

However, there is always going to be one crazy fan for every artist. If i’ve got my one; I’m good. I can’t wait to officially market it and the day when I walk into a book store and see my name in print. It’s not going to be easy and it sure as hell hasn’t been so far, but I’m eager to see peoples’ reactions.

I will probably post a synopsis of my book Latter on tonight or this week if I have time. I promise to keep y’all posted. Until then, stay tuned and stay lovely!