Not Poetry

When I try to write, nothing unique ever comes to mind

It’s not a task, I need it to unwind.

When I finally do jot down the rawness that I feel

Then I can’t elaborate on it

I sit and I think but yet another unique thing pops up

I jot it down but it has nothing to do with the first

I could make it but I’m afraid it would show

Damn I wish I was a poet

 Then none of this would be happening

If I were a poet then this would effortlessly rhyme

People would want to sing the rhythm of the words while they read

Just now, I tried to make this into a poem and boy was that a mistake

I’m not a poet but I do write poetry

Anything can be poetry in my book

Its other peoples’ books that send me over the edge

When I write music I think the way that it goes together is poetry

What about short stories or my novel?

It’s annoying but I’m still going to call it poetry

No, it is not by any means fancy

Sometimes it’s not even raw

I hate to sugar coat things

And that’s why sometimes I don’t do huge revisions because I meant what I said the first time

I stopped typing for a second and read over the last few lines

Geez Erin, what are you doing?

You’re separating your clauses like a poem

This isn’t supposed to be one

It’s more of a ramble

That’s what my writing is most of the time; organized rambling

Its quiet pitiful but very true

This is poetry because I say it is,

If anyone thinks different then they’re probably a poet


2 thoughts on “Not Poetry

  1. Alison says:

    I like this (:. If you don’t continue creating you will never get to where you want to be.

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