On Monday my teacher assigned us a journal entry to write. its supposed to be about what we are passionate about and had to be at least 500 words. This was super easy and I decided to do it on writing. Its not supposed to be formal and I don’t even think she reads them so I’m going to post it on here. Its a little piece of me. Hope you like!

I’m passionate about writing. I honestly think I would go stair crazy if I couldn’t write. On the rare occasion that I finish a test early in class, I’ll start free writing. I even sleep next to a notepad and pen just in case that in the middle of the night I think of something cool I can jot it down. It sounds so cheesy but it’s how I vent. I am very emotionally driven. I wish I wasn’t because it gets me into trouble but I guess that’s a good thing because it makes me a better writer. By no means do I think I’m the best at it. I get into moods where I don’t want to write because I know that it will never be something to compare to the greats. But guess what gets me out of those funks? Reading what someone else has written about writing. It doesn’t have to be motivational or anything serious. It can be fan fiction (I read unhealthy amounts) for crying out loud. Just reading other peoples thoughts make me want to express my own. Writing is Erin and Erin is writing.

I have a blog. It’s nothing fancy and I don’t make any money off it. I only have a handful of followers but the fact that I have followers means the world to me. I don’t even like to call them followers because they’re writers. They have an original thought and aren’t afraid to share it. That’s why I call them my lovelies. The fact that people read the things I write and like it blows my mind. They make me want to write more because I know I’ll get feedback and become better. It makes me feel more connected to people like myself. I have a lovely from Australia! Australia! That’s crazy how someone from across the world (more like down under) with a different background can relate to me and it’s all because we share a passion for writing.

I’m the queen of notebooks. I always have been and I will always be. If anyone has no idea what to get me for a present then just buy me a notebook and love will be thrown in that persons way forever. Like a maniac I have notebooks all over my bedroom filled with thoughts and rhythms. Yep, I love writing songs. I’ve been doing it since I was twelve and I shall never stop. Nothing feels better to me then putting my heart to a beat and belting out my thoughts. I study different music styles and how different artists fit their lyrics together. I want to master the art of creating a catchy hook. Hopefully I will one day write a big awesome song with an amazing chorus that no one can deny or get out of their head. However, I long of bringing poetry back to music. I love reading things that make me think, thus, making me want to write. I want to inspire people through my writing and make other people want to write. It’s a wonderful world and I think many people would benefit.

Not all writing for me is super gooshy or a rant. Like the maniac that I am, I write lists. Yes, lists of things that I need to do. It sounds really OCD but it’s not! I just feel really good when I mark things off my list. It’s like my own personal proof that I’m not lazy.

Somehow in my career or in my profession I want to be a writer. I’m already getting started with my book. I’ve written a teen fiction novel and the story isn’t about me but its one hundred and ninety thousand percent me. I’m getting it edited now and I love the process and want to spend my life doing it. In fact, throughout the whole time that I was writing this, I got a bunch of cool ideas and started writing chapter two of my second novel. I’m going to be so depressed when I’m old and have arthritis. My life is writing and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Stay lovely!