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On Prom Proposals

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I heard one of our afterschool program participants clearly and distinctly through the incongruous teen chatter permeating our Drop In Center as she raised her high pitched voice and said “Corny is the new sweet and sweet is the new romantic,” directing her comment to a confounded adult in a manner which between the lines said, “Duh! Don’t you know anything?” I walked over to see what had inspired such a statement and then I encountered it.  

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It all began at the Spring Sports Pep Rally when a young athlete was allowed to interrupt the course of events, approach the mic, summons his cheerleader girlfriend to the center of the gym and in true American High School movie fashion, presented her with a bouquet of roses and asked her to go to the prom with him. The school went wild with approval and from that day…

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A Penny in my messed up thoughts!

A penny is all you need

Enough on the surface

But more to read.

Spurned by the rain

And glazed by the heat

Liquefied the pain

And put it to a beat

Storms to bubbles

Cuts To cuddles

Doubts to rainbows

Breaths to mumbles   

Though the value is clear

The dirt is caked

Intentions sincere

Fears taped

To a balloon in the sky

The wings of a fly

Between the lines

Shattering its confines

A penny is all you need

Exact change

More than enough to

To feed

Invest in what you will read

So true! Although I hat this place, I dont want high school to be over just yet!


From the day you’re a freshman in high school, you constantly hear seniors complaining about this mysterious affliction called “senioritis.” They claim that it makes them incapable of doing any work, that all they want to do is sit around and do nothing, that they’re exhausted from all their hard work, that they just can’t do it anymore. You think it’s just an excuse for their laziness. But in four short years, you find out that you were wrong.

Senioritis is real. Very, very real.

You don’t realize it, but it starts the moment you step through those front doors on the first day of your senior year. Okay, maybe the second day, because you still have that sudden burst of first-day-of-school energy even though it’s your twelfth first day. Fourteenth, actually if you went to Pre-K and Kindergarten.

Somehow, you make it through the first marking period all right…

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