Her 30's

On Prom Proposals

prom cover

I heard one of our afterschool program participants clearly and distinctly through the incongruous teen chatter permeating our Drop In Center as she raised her high pitched voice and said “Corny is the new sweet and sweet is the new romantic,” directing her comment to a confounded adult in a manner which between the lines said, “Duh! Don’t you know anything?” I walked over to see what had inspired such a statement and then I encountered it.  

prom 1

It all began at the Spring Sports Pep Rally when a young athlete was allowed to interrupt the course of events, approach the mic, summons his cheerleader girlfriend to the center of the gym and in true American High School movie fashion, presented her with a bouquet of roses and asked her to go to the prom with him. The school went wild with approval and from that day…

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