On Monday my teacher assigned us a journal entry to write. its supposed to be about what we are passionate about and had to be at least 500 words. This was super easy and I decided to do it on writing. Its not supposed to be formal and I don’t even think she reads them so I’m going to post it on here. Its a little piece of me. Hope you like!

I’m passionate about writing. I honestly think I would go stair crazy if I couldn’t write. On the rare occasion that I finish a test early in class, I’ll start free writing. I even sleep next to a notepad and pen just in case that in the middle of the night I think of something cool I can jot it down. It sounds so cheesy but it’s how I vent. I am very emotionally driven. I wish I wasn’t because it gets me into trouble but I guess that’s a good thing because it makes me a better writer. By no means do I think I’m the best at it. I get into moods where I don’t want to write because I know that it will never be something to compare to the greats. But guess what gets me out of those funks? Reading what someone else has written about writing. It doesn’t have to be motivational or anything serious. It can be fan fiction (I read unhealthy amounts) for crying out loud. Just reading other peoples thoughts make me want to express my own. Writing is Erin and Erin is writing.

I have a blog. It’s nothing fancy and I don’t make any money off it. I only have a handful of followers but the fact that I have followers means the world to me. I don’t even like to call them followers because they’re writers. They have an original thought and aren’t afraid to share it. That’s why I call them my lovelies. The fact that people read the things I write and like it blows my mind. They make me want to write more because I know I’ll get feedback and become better. It makes me feel more connected to people like myself. I have a lovely from Australia! Australia! That’s crazy how someone from across the world (more like down under) with a different background can relate to me and it’s all because we share a passion for writing.

I’m the queen of notebooks. I always have been and I will always be. If anyone has no idea what to get me for a present then just buy me a notebook and love will be thrown in that persons way forever. Like a maniac I have notebooks all over my bedroom filled with thoughts and rhythms. Yep, I love writing songs. I’ve been doing it since I was twelve and I shall never stop. Nothing feels better to me then putting my heart to a beat and belting out my thoughts. I study different music styles and how different artists fit their lyrics together. I want to master the art of creating a catchy hook. Hopefully I will one day write a big awesome song with an amazing chorus that no one can deny or get out of their head. However, I long of bringing poetry back to music. I love reading things that make me think, thus, making me want to write. I want to inspire people through my writing and make other people want to write. It’s a wonderful world and I think many people would benefit.

Not all writing for me is super gooshy or a rant. Like the maniac that I am, I write lists. Yes, lists of things that I need to do. It sounds really OCD but it’s not! I just feel really good when I mark things off my list. It’s like my own personal proof that I’m not lazy.

Somehow in my career or in my profession I want to be a writer. I’m already getting started with my book. I’ve written a teen fiction novel and the story isn’t about me but its one hundred and ninety thousand percent me. I’m getting it edited now and I love the process and want to spend my life doing it. In fact, throughout the whole time that I was writing this, I got a bunch of cool ideas and started writing chapter two of my second novel. I’m going to be so depressed when I’m old and have arthritis. My life is writing and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Stay lovely!



Senior year will be the death of me!

Ahhhh! I can’t believe it’s almost December… Senior year is almost over:(

I just want time to slow down so I can breathe. Senior year is so stressful: there’s all these tests that we have to take to prove we’re smart enough to get into a smarty pants school, big ass projects that have nothing to do with anything, homework out the wazoo, College aplications that take forever to do, and a bunch of other crap that I’m too sleep deprived to think of. In the midst of all this, I’m trying to have a life!

Yeah, that’s right; A LIFE! It’s senior year I feel like now is the time to be crazy and do all the stuff I was scared to do for the past three years. Two weeks ago I went to a midnight movie with a friend and I didnt tell my parents…ohhh rebel. TYeah I felt like uch a badass but of course I got in trouble and couldnt go out for a week. However, they better get used to it because this is just the begining.

Everyone expects us to know what we want to do with our lives and have all these goal laid out. For what? I want to go where ever the wind blows me! Lately that wind is pushing me in the California direction. I live in a small town and believe me; I dont want to stay here. I want to do big things but everyone thinks that college is it. I don’t think so. College gets you a paycheck and a free ticket to be safe. I dont want to be safe. I’ve been safe for so long and I can’t take it anymore. That’s why I’m working my butt off trying to get a scholarship to a school in L.A. My mom wants me to go to college. Well, I litterally ( ok, more like figuratively) have no choice other then death. I however, want to be a famous singer/ actress/ writer/ humanitarian/ cheerleading team owner! Yeah, its alot but it’s what I want to do with my life.

You guys, I would type more but, lunch at my school is almost over and I had to get this off my chest before I go back to class. All I can say is: live for you and don’t mistake other people’s happiness for your own!

Thanks for reading, stay lovely!

Irrelevant Title!

(Seriously, I couldn’t think of a fitting title and you will soon see why)


The lines on my face don’t scare me anymore

They inspire me

It has nothing to do with her

Or the way she pouts her lips in concentration

It has nothing to do with him

Or how good he smells even though he hasn’t showered in a week

I think of them

Often actually

Though, they are not in charge of me

I fight and push forward

Nothing can bring me down today

It’s the writing that feeds me

Not the words

Not Poetry

When I try to write, nothing unique ever comes to mind

It’s not a task, I need it to unwind.

When I finally do jot down the rawness that I feel

Then I can’t elaborate on it

I sit and I think but yet another unique thing pops up

I jot it down but it has nothing to do with the first

I could make it but I’m afraid it would show

Damn I wish I was a poet

 Then none of this would be happening

If I were a poet then this would effortlessly rhyme

People would want to sing the rhythm of the words while they read

Just now, I tried to make this into a poem and boy was that a mistake

I’m not a poet but I do write poetry

Anything can be poetry in my book

Its other peoples’ books that send me over the edge

When I write music I think the way that it goes together is poetry

What about short stories or my novel?

It’s annoying but I’m still going to call it poetry

No, it is not by any means fancy

Sometimes it’s not even raw

I hate to sugar coat things

And that’s why sometimes I don’t do huge revisions because I meant what I said the first time

I stopped typing for a second and read over the last few lines

Geez Erin, what are you doing?

You’re separating your clauses like a poem

This isn’t supposed to be one

It’s more of a ramble

That’s what my writing is most of the time; organized rambling

Its quiet pitiful but very true

This is poetry because I say it is,

If anyone thinks different then they’re probably a poet

I’m done!

I don’t know if I have formally informed you guys becasue it looks like my last post wasn’t put up, so here I go….

I’ve written a book! Yes, I know I’m seventeen years old and alot of people aren’t going to take me or my writting seriously. I realize that but it’s not going to stop me from perssuing what I love to do. The greatest advice my dad ever gave me was, “Not everyone is going to to like you, most for no reason at all, but there are always going to be more people that love everything about you! Now stop crying and go drink some hot sause; it’ll put some hair on your chest!” Aside from the hot sauce bit, I took his advice and I’m still running with it till this day. I don’t give a shit what other people have to say; I’m going to do me regardless.

It’s taken me nine months or so, give or take the the three months that I completely stoped writing because I was tired of my own words, and I’ll be damned if I go down without a swinging fight. This is huge to me and I’m so happy to finally be done writing. I just sent my manuscript to my editor last night (a.k.a my friends’ mom who edits for a living) and we will be working together to make this book mind blowing. She said it shouldn’t take too long so in a little bit I will be getting all the paper work done and sending my manuscript to the publishers I’ve been talking to for the last month.

I’m super excited and nervous. I hope people genuinely like it. I’m not expecting it to blow up like the Harry Potters, be made into big budget movies like the Twilight series, or have totally obsessed fans because of it like the Hunger games. That is a one in a million shot. I’m not saying that I dont think what I’ve got is special, because it is, its just that I dont want to get my hopes up too high.

However, there is always going to be one crazy fan for every artist. If i’ve got my one; I’m good. I can’t wait to officially market it and the day when I walk into a book store and see my name in print. It’s not going to be easy and it sure as hell hasn’t been so far, but I’m eager to see peoples’ reactions.

I will probably post a synopsis of my book Latter on tonight or this week if I have time. I promise to keep y’all posted. Until then, stay tuned and stay lovely!

Goals to Glory!

It’s only the second week of school and i’m showing some symptoms of Senioritis! to keep myself on track I’m going to set some weekly goals for me to hit. Each week i will have three goals to complete: personally, academically, and dream wise. I’m obsessed with making lists and it feels so good when I get to check of something that I’ve done so hopefully this will be good for me!

1. (personally) reconnect with an old friend

Its sad when friendships end tragically in a huge fight but it’s even worse when you’ve just lost contact. I have friends that I’m very thankful for and i want to show them my appreciation and get to know them more. After senior year, who knows how we’ll stay in contact if we go to the same school and rarely see each other? With that being said I will do my best to reconnect with a friend that I love very much and show that I’m there for them even though i have a busy schedule. 

2. (Academically) Do all my home work no matter how much i don’t want to

I’m a sack of lazy bones when it comes to doing homework. Especially math related homework. This week I wont go home, take a nap, then try to do it all a 7:00. I will get ahead and do all the work done on time like a good kid who wants to graduate.

3. (Dreams wise) Finish editing my book

T’m writing a teen fiction novel and I’m almost done editing it! There’s only a little more work to do but lately I find myself preoccupied with other things. This makes me angry at myself because I know I can do better. I’m very excited to finally be publishing a years’ worth of work for the very first time so why am i stalling? I need to get me but in gear and get typing!

Well, those are my goals of the week and hopefully i stick to them. ! will also try to do more updates this week. To see what happens next and if i follow through; stay tuned and stay lovely! 

Get to know the girl behind the glitter!

Hello there, I know it’s been a little while but I’m back and this post is long over due!

My name is Erin and I’m obviously obsessed with anything blue and/or glittery. I am 17, with a passion for singing, writing, and acting and I hope to have a career in all three one day. Yes, I have stars in my eyes and I want to be a superstar with fans and credits and hopefully that will start sooner then later! I am loud and energetic wich probably stems from all my years of cheerleading. I believe in equality and am a gay rights supporter. Standing up for what I believe in is something that will never change no matter if it is popular or not. I am really accepting and just want to be everyones best friend and be a role model or a voice for the little guy. I hope reading my blog will put smiles across many faces and I’m pretty goofy so hopefully a couple laughs aswell.

To get to know me better; stay tuned and stay lovely!