A Penny in my messed up thoughts!

A penny is all you need

Enough on the surface

But more to read.

Spurned by the rain

And glazed by the heat

Liquefied the pain

And put it to a beat

Storms to bubbles

Cuts To cuddles

Doubts to rainbows

Breaths to mumbles   

Though the value is clear

The dirt is caked

Intentions sincere

Fears taped

To a balloon in the sky

The wings of a fly

Between the lines

Shattering its confines

A penny is all you need

Exact change

More than enough to

To feed

Invest in what you will read


My first Acting Gig!!!!!!!

Warning: this is very ranty. It may sound like bitching and moaning intense whining but that’s how my weirdness comes across sometimes. Enjoy!

EEEEEP! On Wednesday day I got my very first acting gig. Well, it was actually confirmed on Sunday but I got to perform on Wednesday. I could barely focus on finals because I was bursting at the seams with excitement. This is really bad because I’m a senior and finals are muy importante. Side note: Woohoo, for never having to take a final ever again!

When I got home from school on Wednesday I went over to my friend Winnies’ house. After running some errands we went to McDonalds to fuel up. I hadn’t eaten since 5:00 that morning so I was starting to get hysterical. When I was at the counter I ordered like ten things and the woman looked at me (in that ‘you fat ass’ way) and laughed. I was so hyped up on adrenaline and anxiety that I went through my entire day and explained why I am the way I am at this moment. Yeah, I know. I’m a train wreck. She did absolutely nothing to deserve this conversation but she didn’t stop me so I had to stop myself.

When I got my food we headed back to my friends house to get ready. In the email it said that I had to come dressed like I was going to a 1950s party. So cool right? We looked up this girl on YouTube who does really cool makeup and hair and decided to try it out. My friend is a beast at makeup and she did mine. I had a red lip and white (brown in the crease) eye with a black wing. It was super cute and I hope my computer will let me upload it. With an hour and a half left I still had to do my hair and I was feeling the pressure. It’s hard to explain how my hair was but, you know that Grinch movie? Not the cartoon, the one with the real people. Well, my hair was curled up in the front like the woman who was secretly in love with the Grinch. The back was in a ponytail that was flipped out. With many tries and sickening amounts of hair spray we finally got it.

When I was done we took some pics and I rounded up all my stuff. I walked down back to my house. My dad was taking me and would supervise and make sure I wasn’t going to jump off a building or get naked. We had to stop by the gas station on the way and I just about killed myself. My dad was piddling like we had all day. I want don’t the movie people to think I’m unprofessional and that I don’t care because I’m late. While my dad is inside I call Winnie so she can talk me off the ledge. When my dad comes back I hang up and we get going.

With two minutes left on the clock I call production to tell them I’m going to be late. After some calling around and franticly checking emails I was told that I didn’t have to be there for another thirty minutes. This was perfect. Me and my dad sat in the car and waited while I saw a bunch of big fancy trucks pull up.

At 5:30 I got a text saying that it was going to be pushed back another hour. I tried to keep it together because if I showed that I was over it then my dad would be too. We sat for yet another hour and another. When we went crazy sitting in that car we decided to get out and stretch our legs. We met a woman named Kendra that was a part of the crew. She was super sweet and I budding documentary maker. It was starting to get below 50 degrees and I started to shake. I know that may not sound intense but I’m from Florida and when it gets below 60 I immediately start to die.

I put on my dad’s leather jacket and we signed a release form. After that we went on a walk around the set because I really needed to stretch my legs. When we got back the hair and makeup lady bombarded me with a bunch of questions and a comb. She pinned up my ponytail in a bun and pinned a red feather hat to the side of my head. She put it in the middle so she wouldn’t ruin the masterpiece in the front.

I got to talk to two of the other extra girls and they were super nice and funny. That is when I realized that I was the youngest person there. I felt a little out of place because they were talking about what they went to college for and how they’re traveling and doing all these great things. Then there’s little ol’ me whose a senior in high school and a complete eager beaver about this whole thing. I tried to play it cool though.

I went to go watch the stars of the film do there scene. It was amazing! They were so on point and I was fan-girling so hard on the inside. They were doing a kissing scene and it took everything within me to not so go ‘awww’ and ruin the shot. That’s another thing: the crew had all these cool terms for everything.

When their scene was wrapped up they went back to their trailers to get dressed for the next scene which was the one I was going to be in. I had so many butterflies when they called us all to the gazebo. However, that was held off for a while because the actors were still getting ready and crew was moving all the equipment. My dad and his friend got me some food from up the street and I was in heaven. Well, as close to it as I could be with the wind pimp slapping me every five seconds.

EEEEP! I almost forgot the best part. I got to talk to the stars for a little bit. They were so nice. At first I thought they were going to be really boushy Hollywood type people but they weren’t. They were normal. They joked and cursed like real people. One of them was even British. The lead guy was beautiful and I could have stared at those green eyes all night. The lead woman was pretty breath taking her but I didn’t get a chance to speak with her. However, I did get a lot of tips from the other actors. I even got complemented on how good my blocking was! After we did a few run throughs of what was going to happen it was time to shoot for real. The jitters started to kick in and I was ready to do this thing.

That didn’t start till 11:00 and when it did the wardrobe people took our jackets from us. Apparently in movie world a lot of the summer scenes are done when it’s freezing outside. Good God, I would cry if this was a beach scene and I was in a swim suit. Also, when back ground people have conversations, they aren’t having real ones because it messes up the audio. You just mouth “Wala” and “artichoke”. Yes, once again my mind was blown. We did many different shots from many different angles and I loved every moment of it even though ice cubes were forming on my finger tips since it was freakin’ in the twenties now. In-between shots they let us have our jackets and coffee. The whole process went really smooth and the other two extras I was working with were handsom and funny.

We wrapped up at wait for it…

1:00 A (freakin’) M

They yelled cut and we all clapped. They had pizza for all of us but I just wanted to go to bed. I walked out to my mom’s car and the whole way I was cringing because my feet hurt so badly. When I got in the car I all the sudden became really sad! I didn’t want this to be the end. I loved every second of it and I didn’t want it to end. I want to come back and do it again tomorrow!

Well, that’s about it. It was loads of fun. Got any question? Just ask and stay Lovely!

Director: Akil Dupont

Title: Silhouettes

Irrelevant Title!

(Seriously, I couldn’t think of a fitting title and you will soon see why)


The lines on my face don’t scare me anymore

They inspire me

It has nothing to do with her

Or the way she pouts her lips in concentration

It has nothing to do with him

Or how good he smells even though he hasn’t showered in a week

I think of them

Often actually

Though, they are not in charge of me

I fight and push forward

Nothing can bring me down today

It’s the writing that feeds me

Not the words